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The Year of Getting to Know Us

Release Date: December 7th, 2010 (DVD)

Genre: Drama

Stars: Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu, Chase Ellison, Sharon Stone, Tom Arnold

Synopsis: A middle aged man returns home after his distant father has a stroke and struggles to deal with the past he has avoided for a long time.

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"The Year of Getting to Know Us" is not a movie that benefits from a novel storyline but the plot also doesn't work against the success of the film either.

Writing / Production:            

This movie is the definition of boring.  The opening sequence will trick audiences into believing that the movie might be funny and interesting but then they will proceed to be put to sleep by what must be one of the most unentertaining films in history.


I respect Jimmy Fallon for wanting to test his range and although his performance wasn't particularly awful this project was not the best project for him to try and do that with.  There were no performances in "The Year of Getting to Know Us" that were responsible for sinking it but there were also none great enough to save it.


Neither the theme of coming to grips with the past nor the flash back and flash forward style are elements most audiences have any unfamiliarity with.


This movie gets a little interesting during the last twenty minutes but anybody that makes it that far deserves an award for staying awake in the face of mind numbing boredom.  "The Year of Getting to Know Us" is among the worst a person can choose to watch.

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  1. I have never been this bored watching a movie, this movie is terrible. Sharone, Lucy; what is this their social contribution?


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