Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Street Thief

Release Date: June 21st, 2007

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Stars: Frank Zieger, Wesley Walker

Synopsis: Shot in the style of a documentary, the film follows the exploits of professional burgalar Kaspar Carr as he cases various jobs and takes down scores.

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An incredibly intriguing idea that is only made better by its believable execution.

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"Street Thief" will have just about every audience questioning whether they are watching actual criminal activity taking place because the film feels very real.  The movie also is very entertaining and interesting most of the time with a few notable exceptions.


The work of the players in this film is quite brilliant considering how difficult it was to ascertain whether they were portraying characters or themselves.


The "mockumentary" has been done before but mostly for the purpose of humor and it is always relatively easy to recognize as a hoax.  "Street Thief" is very real and that sets it apart.


If my basic knowledge of the United States "justice" system hadn't made me realize that this film couldn't possibly be based upon fact I would still be wondering whether "Street Thief" was a true documentary.  Even though the movie didn't quite entertain at every turn it was still mostly very interesting.

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