About AltAss


To provide quick and concise media reviews that are as informative as possible so you can get on with your life and make an educated decision about what to watch, read, or listen to.

The Rating System:
   half an ass

This most self explanatory rating is a direct indicator of the effort placed into what is being graded

   one ass

It's bad, but there are still one or two positives to hang on to for dear life

    one and a half asses

Still stinks but there are a handful of good things that made it somewhat endurable

    two asses

Painfully average or the good just beat out the bad by a nose 

      two and a half asses

Entering the realm of watchable / readable / listenable for most audiences and enjoyable for some audiences

      three asses

Good or very good with a fatal flaw

        three and a half asses

An eyelash away from excellence, usually missing that something extra

        four asses

Excellent, very few minor flaws

          four and a half asses

Just a minor flaw or two away from perfect

          five asses



The views expressed at AltAss are human opinions and obviously will not always line up with the readers own human opinion.  My perfection will undoubtedly not always be your perfection.  As this is bound to be the case, when a difference of opinion occurs it is encouraged that readers make use of the comments area to respectfully offer alternative ratings and reasonings to give a second perspective for the benefit of other review seekers.