Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spring Breakdown

Release Date: June 2nd, 2009 (DVD)

Genre: Comedy

Stars: Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Parker Posey, Jane Lynch, Seth Meyers

Synopsis: Three thirty something friends take an opportunity to relive their youth and party on a spring break vacation that they never took when they were younger.

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An excellent idea for a comedy and the storyline follows through for the most part in placing the characters in hillarious situations.

Writing / Production:              

There are some really great laugh out loud moments and the film feels like a professionally produced mainstream comedy which cannot be said of most direct to DVD fare.  "Spring Breakdown" does lose some steam as it heads for the finish line but it is still a nice effort.


The Saturday Night Live alumni heavy cast works very well together for obvious reasons and fans shouldn't be dissappointed by this film.  I think Seth Meyers is much funnier than he was in "Spring Breakdown", but everyone else is right on par with what audiences have grown to expect. 


Very much in the spirit of goofy vacation movies but I think the idea to have thirty something friends revisit a spring break scene is pretty novel.


All in all a very good comedy that should be enjoyed by an audience that doesn't already hold a strong bias against the main players.  "Spring Breakdown" will make you laugh and has some heart, but not too much.

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