Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nelly 5.0

Release Date: November 16th, 2010Genre: Hip Hop

Singles: Just a Dream, Move That Body, Long Gone

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Mostly smooth grooves, this album felt more like an R&B record than rap.  Super professional tracks, nothing stuck out as being super special or heinous.

From what I ascertained from listening to this record a couple of times, Nelly thought it was most important to relay to his audience how much money and how many women he has at his disposal.  He would also would like you to know that if you aren't careful he will take your woman too which makes him seem like an asshole.  You can listen for yourself but that really is just about the entirety of this album's message.


I remember when I bought I the very first Nelly CD around ten years ago now and it was a very new sound unlike anything in hip hop at the time.  Unfortunately since that album he has failed to recapture the same magic and this most recent effort is not any better.


This record gets boring fast after the first few tracks.  The best song is "Just a Dream", and you can currently probably hear that every half hour on your local pop radio station.  "Move That Body" is probably a pretty hot dance club number but not ideal for your car or at home.  Nelly needs to reconnect to his old sound and expand his range of ideas for lyric content

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