Thursday, November 25, 2010

Children of Invention

 Release Date: 2009

Genre: Drama

Stars: Cindy Cheung, Michael Chen, Crystal Chiu

Synopsis: A single parent Chinese American family faces economic difficulties and the mother turns to answering questionable "business opportunity" classified ads to help turn things around.  One day a twist in her dealings with these schemers find her two children waking to discover that she failed to return the night before.

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Plot & Writing:                               

Great choice of subject and brilliant material but it was missing the extra push it needed to fully captivate the audience absolutely.  It was also a little distracting that even though this movie was shot in 2008 in an apparently modern setting, the mother was still using a pager and payphones and there is a scene where the little boy is playing a video game in a store that appears to be an old Super Nintendo.


Three really beautiful performances from actors I've never seen before.  The kids were adorable but also very talented and the mother made the drama very real.


This is what is really going on in America and I applaud the filmmakers for opting to tell this story as opposed to the fantasy that is usually crammed down our throats.  I've never seen even a documentary that calls out pyramid schemes the way this film does so effectively.


See this movie especially if you need a break from the Hollywood status quo.  Highly reccomended.

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