Friday, December 31, 2010

Once Fallen

Release Date: November 2nd, 2010

Genre: Drama / Crime

Stars: Brian Presley, Taraji P. Henson, Ed Harris

Synopsis: A man is released from prison after serving five years for drug trafficking with intent to turn his life around but trouble for his best friend and his still imprisoned father threaten to keep him entrenched in a life of crime.

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"Once Fallen" follows a very familiar plot line which is a decent one but there are no twists or punches that make it special.

Writing / Production:             

The film was very slow developing and didn't get very intense or interesting until the last twenty or thirty minutes.  The final product felt very amateurish and underfunded.


A mixed bag of good, poor, and average performances pervade this picture.  Brian Presley in the lead role is obviously not up to par with the more recognizable talent in this film which detracts greatly from its value.  Ed Harris and Peter Weller provide very fine and entertaining performances and everyone else is mostly average.


The theme of "Once Fallen" has been revisited many times and there are few if any tweaks on the idea that make the film stand out.


It is unfortunate that the talents of Ed Harris and Peter Weller are somewhat wasted on a film that is so poorly constructed and ineffective.  Unfortunately "Once Fallen" is largely unentertaining and feels like something we've all seen before just not as good.

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  1. "Once fallen" sould loose it's first name and just be called fallen. It has a fallen plot, fallen acting, and a fallen budget. I am glad my wife rented it from red box for a dollar. Fallen is a must not see movie! However, it does have some great jazz scores in this movie.

    It reminds on of the fallen state of men. I am glad that God sent His son for the fallen state of man. This is the true jazz of this life (in the bible John 3:16).


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