Friday, December 31, 2010


Release Date: December 14th, 2010

Genre: Documentary

Stars: Josh Fox

Synopsis: The filmmaker recieves an offer of thousands of dollars to lease his land for the purpose of drilling for natural gas and his investigation of the possible negative consequences of the process end in shocking and horrifying revelations.

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"Gasland" takes on a very interesting subject matter that will undoubtedly be relevant to a world wide audience.

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The interviews of the residents affected by natural gas drilling were informative and effective but became very repetitive.  This combined with the monotonous voiceover from the film maker, it became challenging to remain invested.  The last segment of the documentary when an authority figure finally agreed to talk on camera and the footage from the congressional hearing was much better. 


Very much in the spirit of a Micheal Moore movie but not quite as entertaining.  "Gasland" is still very original in breaking important information about natural gas drilling to the general public.


While I understand the appeal of going for a feature length film, the cause and certainly the value of "Gasland" would have been greatly furthered by cutting it to just under an hour.  Nevertheless, the subject is still very important and if you can't stomach the entire documentary you should at least search for videos of flammable tap water on YouTube.

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  1. Horrifying material. Film should be praised to the sky, get a best doc credential of some sort.


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