Friday, January 14, 2011

Dad's in Heaven with Nixon

Release Date: September 14th, 2010

Genre: Documentary

Stars: Tom Murray, Chris Murray

Synopsis: A portrait of the filmmaker's family, particularly his autistic brother, and their trials and breakthroughs in spite of a difficult relationship with their father.

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The decision to share an intimate family struggle with mental disorder is sure to be appreciated and helpful to many who face similar circumstances while managing to peak the interest of a broader audience.

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The filmmaker often fails, particularly during the first half of the film, to focus on the most interesting and entertaining aspect of the story he is trying to present (his autistic brother).  Instead he focuses on the havoc instilled upon the family by his dead bi-polar father which is relevant historical information that unfortunately hijacks a large part of the film along with old home movie reels.  Thankfully, the second half of the documentary is much more enjoyable.


The most entertaining character in "Dad's in Heaven with Nixon" is the filmmaker's brother Chris Murray who is a charming and funny man with a child's innocence that has not let his autism keep him from living a full, happy, and independent life. 


I know that there are documentaries about mental disorder and autism but I don't think they have become common enough to make audiences grow tired of them.


This film would have been a real gem if the rest of the Murray family would have got out of the way and let it be even more about Chris.  As it stands I would still reccomend a look as the interviews with the filmmaker's brother are priceless and you can always fast forward through the uninteresting material to get to them.

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